About Us


California Coverage & Health Initiatives (CCHI) is a statewide outreach and enrollment network, whose efforts ensure that all California’s families are able to easily and effectively navigate into health coverage and other health services. 

The association includes local outreach and enrollment organizations and Children’s/Community Health Initiatives (CHIs) in 44 counties across California, representing areas where 95% of the state’s population resides. Collectively, CCHI member and partner organizations have insured more than 167,000 previously uninsured children through locally funded and administered Healthy Kids programs. With firsthand experience and success enrolling children into public programs, such as Medi-Cal and Healthy Families the members of CCHI have shown that coverage for all children in California is a necessary goal and attainable goal.

Our History

In 2001, Santa Clara County launched the first Children’s Health Initiative (CHI), followed closely by San Francisco, San Mateo and Los Angeles counties. In 2007, the effort to establish a statewide organization to represent the Children’s Health Initiatives was spearheaded by the CHI of Greater Los Angeles. With their support, CCHI blossomed into a statewide organization which represents 24 county CHIs that provide health coverage to tens of thousands of children. Collectively, CHIs have insured more than 167,000 previously uninsured children through locally funded health programs. Additionally, CHIs connect over 125,000 children each year to Medi-Cal.

Community/Children’s Health Initiatives (CHIs) are characterized by leadership through a diverse coalition of community stakeholders who seek to improve their community’s health by enrolling families into health coverage and other services. Additionally, CHI sponsored, locally funded Healthy Kids programs make access to affordable health coverage possible for families who would otherwise lack access to state and federal programs due to income or immigration status.